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Macbook / iMac Repairs:

  • Macbook Repairs
  • Macbook Screen Replacement
  • Macbook Glass Replacement
  • Macbook Pro Repairs
  • Macbook Pro Screen Replacement
  • Macbook Air Repairs
  • Macbook Air Screen Replacement
  • iMac Repairs
  • iMac Screen Replacement


iPhone / iPad Repairs:

  • iPhone 3G/3GS Screen Repair
  • iPhone 4 & 4S Screen Repair
  • iPhone 5 Screen Repair
  • iPhone 5C Screen Repair
  • iPhone/iPad Back Cover replacement
  • iPhone/iPad Charging Port Replacement
  • iPhone/iPad Headphone Jack Replacement
  • iPhone/iPad Home Button Replacement

  • iPhone 5C Screen Repair
  • iPhone 6 Screen Repair
  • iPad 2, 3 and 4      
  • iPad Mini Screen Repair
  • iPhone/iPad USB Docking Connection Replacement
  • iPhone/iPad Water Damage
  • iPhone/iPad Wireless Repair
  • iPhone/iPad Power Button Repair
  • iPad Air Screen
  • iPhone/iPad Glass (Digitizer) Replacement
  • iPhone/iPad Battery Replacement
  • iPhone/iPad LCD Display Replacement
  • iPhone/iPad Bottom and Earpiece Speaker Replacement
  • iPhone/iPad Microphone Repair
  • iPhone/iPad Chipset Level / Aminboard Repair


iPod Repairs:

  • iPod Touch Screen Glass (Digitizer) and LCD Replacement


Samsung Galaxy Repairs:

  • Samsung Screen (LCD + Touch Digitizer) Repairs
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 Screen Repair
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen Repair
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Repair

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Our Service Promise

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  2. No hidden fees- after your assessment, we will always make sure you are fully informed before proceeding further with a computer equipment repair.
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