Internet & Networks

Networking problems and (Business) IT Solutions (common issues we can help you with

Internet or email not working (common issues we can help with)

Internet not working or internittent connection problems with your broadband internet.

Email not working, unable to send or receive email, error messages appearing. 

Internet browsing speed very slow, looking to improve performance or upgrade to Ultra fast broadband.

Modem lights showing you are connected to internet but unable to display any pages when you open your browser….. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox etc.

Alot of these issues can relate to a possible outage with your service provider (Spark, Vodafone etc or an actual telephone line problem preventing (DSL) internet connection,

Modem is faulty or a possible virus issue preventing webpages from displaying at all. 

Wireless setup issues or wireless network problems

Perhaps your new to wireless and just looking to buy or need help setting up or configuring a new wireless modem.

Your looking to improve coverage within your home or business.

The wireless connection is very slow or keeps dropping out, call now to discuss and we can arrange a solution to your problem.

Our Process

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We Fix It

Depending on the issue, we can either fix your issue on-site, or pick it up and return it back to you fully repaired. Please see below for a list of relevant issues we can repair.

Our Service Promise

  1. Your computer will always be serviced by an experienced IT professional who knows what they're doing.
  2. No hidden fees- after your assessment, we will always make sure you are fully informed before proceeding further with a computer equipment repair.
  3. If you are located in Auckland, we can assist you.
  4. Service will be prompt, efficient, and friendly.


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